Glasses can be intimidating for kids, they want to look cool and mum & dad want the frames to survive the rigors of school and the playground, oh and last for more than one week!

Both kids and parents love our wide range of kids frames which includes Nano Vista, Ray-Ban, Lindberg, ZooBug, Whiz Kids and more. The kids have a huge choice and the parents like the quality of our frames that are made to last!

Some kids don’t like wearing glasses, especially if they are involved in active sports contact lenses can be a good alternative.

Tomato Glasses

tomato glasses waltham abbey

Tomato Glasses are an award-winning UK company and we now offer a range of comfortable, colourful and practical kids eyewear which has been expertly designed for children and teens.

These frames are flexible, display excellent elasticity, and do not break easily – perfect!

Nano Vista


If you are after tough frames that are made to last then Nano Vista frames are a great option.
All their frames can be worn with temples for a quiet classroom or switched to wear as a headband for a rugged playground. In a sense they are really two frames in one!

The soft rubber temples are easily adjusted with a pressing motion and the elastic head band creates a firm holding of the glasses on your child’s head allowing your child to get on the move at playground time.

Ray Ban


Iconic, iconoclastic and worn by rock stars and movie stars the world over, no other brand is as far reaching as Ray-Ban. Since 1937 Ray-Ban has been blending innovative designs, materials and techniques with traditional hand-made methods of manufacturing. All this available in junior-size for youngsters.


lindberg children

Unlike most other flex-metal children’s frames, these beautiful Lindberg frames are nickel-free and therefore hypoallergenic. LINDBERG uses only a special type of titanium, which is also used for pacemakers and dental regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, this type of titanium is extremely lightweight, flexible and strong.

Parents don’t come in every other day to have frames adjusted or repaired as is the case with most of other children’s frames. The fact that the frames virtually disappear on the face is a big plus for parents who want to see their child and not the eyewear. As for the children, they simply forget that they are wearing glasses!



ZooBug is award-winning eyewear that has been developed by eye surgeon Dr Julie Diem Le especially for children 0-12 years. They are beautiful hand crafted frames and sunglasses made to EU safety standards. In 2012 Zoobug were chosen to produce the official London Olympic sunglasses for kids.

They always produce properly fitting frames designed to both protect children’s eyesight and let them look gorgeous! Zoobug frames can stand the test of an active child, but if anything happens to your Zoobugs, fear not! There is a guaranteed 18 months cover from the date of your purchase. Damaged lenses? Loose screws? Broken sides? Full-on breakages? You are covered! Faulty frames will be replaced with spare parts or whole frames.

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