Scratch resistant

Plastic lenses are nice and light but do tend to scratch quite easily. These scratches will reduce the quality of your vision through the lenses particularly under some conditions – like driving at night.
To help protect your lenses, a thin coating can be applied to the lenses. This will help to keep your lenses in tip-top condition for much longer.

Anti reflection

Reflections from lenses make them more noticeable. Internal refractions within the lens can result in distracting reflections and ?ghosting?. These are particularly noticeable in bright sunshine or driving at night. Also, bright objects behind you can be reflected back into your eye creating a distracting double image.
These reflections can be reduced by applying a special anti-reflection coating to the lens. This not only makes the lenses look more transparent but also helps to get rid of distracting reflections. It can also be beneficial when driving, particularly at night.

Crizal Forte UV

Crizal Forte UV give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against damaging UV light. ?Essilor?s exclusive anti-reflective technology is applied to both sides of the lens so that it also blocks reflected UV rays, which can account for up to 50% of exposure. ?Crizal Forte UV lenses also come with a two-year guarantee against scratching and defects. Find out more about these lenses here.

Crizal UV lenses?are very popular as they are a 5-in-one lens. ?They are designed to protect your eyes against the 5 enemies of clear vision:?Glare, Scratches, Smudges, Dust, Water and UV rays.


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