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Extraordinary beauty in everyday objects. This is the leit motiv of Bvlgari?s collection.?No other luxury brand says Italian elegance quite like Bvlgari.

These handcrafted jewelled Womens Bvlgari are absolutely to die for! The Bvlgari collections are designed for sleek, sophisticated and self confident woman. ?Each frame is made with precision and takes just over 6 hours to enamel by hand.?Womens Bvlgari are made with high quality materials and painstaking attention to detail, with a contemporary design you’ll fall in love with.

To view our range of Bvlgari?eyewear spectacles or other independent designer brands, simply visit us?and our?dispensing opticians will be more than happy to help. Why not also book an eye test to see whether your eyesight or prescription has changed?

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