Eyecode ? A unique breakthrough in lens personalisation

Currently, all lenses that are manufactured assume every person has the same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC), when in fact it can vary by as much as 30%.

Dynamic 3D measurements can only be measured using highly?specialised computer equipment, which is now available at Waltham Abbey Opticians. Eyecode by Essilor is a technology which pinpoints the exact Eye Rotation Centre, which is unique to every person. By doing so, the technology delivers a truly tailored eye diagnosis, that is quick, easy to determine and highly accurate. This measurement is called Eyecode.

Eyecode can be combined with the frame and behaviour parameters to deliver lenses that are truly tailored to each wearer.



Benefits to you

Spectacle wearers with eyecode lenses will benefit from:

  • Flawless clarity ?tick
  • Lenses up to five times more precise than standard versions, resulting in considerably more accurate vision ?tick

Eyecode personalisation option is available on all premium Varilux and Single Vision lenses from Waltham Abbey?Opticians.


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