Children’s Eye Health & Protection from Ultra Violet Light


At Leith?Opticians our day-to-day concerns are vision enhancement and eye health. ?One of the greatest risk factors that we are exposed to everyday is Ultra-Violet light (UV) which has been proven as a cause of cataract and macular degeneration later in life.

Children are particularly vulnerable to early UV radiation damage because:

pointer?they have larger pupils and more transparent intraocular lenses that let more UV transmit onto the retina
pointer?they typically spend more time outdoors

We care very much about your child?s eyes and want to give them the same protection from UV light that we advise adults to have. So we would like to inform you about new products and pricing structure for children?s glasses.

children-uv-protectionUV Lenses,

If your child is a spectacle wearer, we need to provide UV absorbing, reflection-free lenses. Unfortunately, the modest NHS Voucher allowance will not cover full cost of UV absorbing and reflection-free lenses?to include the frame.

At Leith Opticians because we believe in prevention at an early stage, all our complete spectacles include complimentary ?85% UV absorbing and reflection-free lenses as standard ( this represents a saving of ?30) even on our free on voucher range.

You can upgrade to the latest blue control 100% UV absorbing and multi reflection-free ?lenses from just? ?25, which represents great value for money*.

Your child will benefit in the following ways;

pointer?Full protection from UV
pointer?Reflection Free lenses for clearer vision and better looking glasses
pointer?Scratch resistant, dust and smudge repellent
pointer?Fashionable, fun, quality frames

UV-protective Sunglasses

For children who do not need spectacles we stock a great range of UV-protective sunspecs starting at only ?50



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